We are doing a GIVEAWAY and CONTEST in honor of 50 years of serving the Lititz community.

For each of the next four Monday’s 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27 we will be drawing five entrance forms from those collected. Each form drawn will be the winner of a $50 bill.

The Contest: We have placed a jar of Hot Wheels cars and a jar of spark plugs on our counter. If you correctly or closely guess how many are in the jars, you can WIN!

On Monday 11/27, we will award prizes to the two customers who came closest to the correct number.

The winner of the Hot Wheels guess will win the jar full of cars and $100 in cash.

The winner of the spark plug guess will win a $250 gift certificate to Good’s Auto Service.

If you stop at the shop and fill out an entrance form, you can enter the GIVEAWAY and the CONTEST.

If you email your name and phone number to craig@goodsautoservice.com, you will be placed into the GIVEAWAY only.

You need to be present to guess the amounts of Hot Wheels cars or spark plugs.