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Timing Belt Replacement in Lititz, PA

The timing belt within your vehicle is a crucial component that ensures your engine runs smoothly. Over time, the timing belt becomes worn and can start to fray and tear, which can lead to engine trouble. This is why the timing belt is recommended to be replaced every 60,000 miles or so, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Here at Good’s Auto Service, our ASE certified technicians are ready and equipped to assist you when you find yourself needing a timing belt replacement in Lititz, PA.

The best source for information regarding how often your timing belt should be replaced is your owner’s manual or digital manufacturer recommendations. As soon as you are due for this service, it is important to have it done at our expert repair shop. While your timing belt may not look like it needs to be replaced just by looking at it, if it is nearing the end of its lifetime, chances are it is dried out and could break at any moment. A broken timing belt can mean a broken-down vehicle, so replacing it before it breaks is imperative.

There are other reasons that can lead to needing a timing belt replacement other than just the age of the belt. This includes a leaking water pump, improper tension, and idler issues. These can lead to premature timing belt problems, which is why regular inspections of your vehicle’s engine are important. It can help pinpoint any issues like these early on to get ahead of major damage and unexpected repairs. We typically recommend the timing belt is inspected at least once a year.

When a timing belt is replaced, more often than not, we will also recommend replacing the water pump. The water pump has a similar lifespan, and is located in the same area. It saves you on labor costs, and can save you time on multiple trips to the shop. This is something our professional mechanics can determine during a timing belt replacement, and we will only recommend it if necessary.

If you believe you are due for a timing belt replacement in Lititz, PA, look no further than the experts here at Good’s Auto Service. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!

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