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Why Does My Steering Wheel Shake?

Why Does My Steering Wheel Shake?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question may not always be cut and dry since there are a variety of different symptoms that could cause a steering wheel shake. The two most common causes are warped or damaged brake rotors, and unbalanced tires. If the steering wheel only shakes when the brakes are applied, the brake rotors are the most likely culprit. If the steering wheel shake is constant and gets worse as speed is increased, balancing all four tires is the best place to start. If a tire is not properly balanced, the weight is not evenly distributed which is what causes the steering wheel shake at higher speeds. Because tires wear over time, it is just as important to have them balanced periodically as it is when new tires are installed. Other causes for steering wheel shake can include worn tires, misaligned wheels, damaged suspension components, worn or damaged axles, and bad wheel bearings. If your steering wheel is beginning to shake, bring it on down to Good’s Auto Servi ... read more