Before Purchasing A Used Vehicle, Bring It To Us!!

Pre-purchase inspections are important for a variety of different reasons. Probably the biggest reason though is to be educated on the condition of the vehicle before spending thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, it is much too easy to dress up the outside of the car to give it a nice appearance. And although the outside and interior may look pristine, that does not necessarily mean the vehicle is mechanically sound. We’ve seen many newly purchased vehicles come in the shop after the fact that had issues which would have been caught with our pre-purchase inspection. Here at Good’s Auto Service, we look over the entirety of the vehicle, including scanning the computers for any potential problems. One of the big issues we look for is rust, which has become a big problem here in PA. Unless the vehicle is put in the air, it may not be visible even when crawling under it. We recently had a newly purchased vehicle in the shop that had holes rusted through the floor and the frame. Both of these issues not only fail inspection, but make the vehicle dangerous to drive. Had the customer brought it to us for a pre-purchase inspection, we would have advised them NOT to purchase this vehicle, saving them thousands of dollars. So; long story short; if you are in the market for a used vehicle, bring it to us BEFORE you decide to purchase it.