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What is a Wheel Lock Key and Why is it Important?

Here at Good’s Auto Service, we are attempting to educate our customers about wheel lock keys and the importance of knowing where the wheel lock key is located. So, what exactly is a wheel lock key? On some vehicles, the design of one lug nut for each tire has a unique groove in it. The wheel lock key has the matching design on it, making it the only socket that will remove these “wheel lock lug nuts”. The purpose of these wheel lock lug nuts is to prevent theft of the wheels. The main drawback of wheel locks is the fact they can only be taken off by the matching wheel lock key. Meaning you MUST know the location of your wheel lock key. If you run over a nail and the tire goes flat; and that wheel lock key is missing; getting the tire off will be next to impossible. Many people don’t even realize their vehicles are equipped with wheel locks. This is why we are using big orange envelopes to place the wheel lock keys in them any time a car with wheel locks comes through the shop. We hope that this will bring attention to the importance of knowing the location of the wheel lock key.