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Why does my Suspension Feel Bouncy?

What exactly do we mean by a bouncy suspension? Have you ever been driving and seen a car that appears to “floating” back and forth as it goes down the road? Or driven a car that seems to excessively rock side to side when the wheel is turned? These are both symptoms of a “bouncy suspension” which is most likely caused by worn shocks and/or struts. Both shocks and struts stabilize your vehicle’s movements and absorb the impact of uneven road conditions. If these components are not performing correctly, it adds a great deal of stress to the other parts of the suspension, as well as a not-so-comfortable ride. Worn struts/shocks can also cause your tires to cup or chop since the weight of the vehicle is no longer evenly distributed. Because they are such an integral part of the overall movement of the vehicle, Good’s Auto Service recommends they be replaced every 100,000 miles. This will help prevent other costly repairs to the suspension, extend the life of your tires, and give you a much smoother ride.