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Why is it Important to Flush my Automatic Transmission?


We get this question all the time; “Do I really need to change my transmission fluid?”. Well, if you want your transmission to operate at peak performance and prevent wear, then yes, it is very important. Draining and refilling the fluid is always an option, but there are several advantages to flushing the transmission that you won’t get with a simple drain and refill. Most transmissions hold around 9 quarts of fluid. When the drain plug is removed, you will only remove about 3 of the 9 total quarts. This means to effectively change the fluid you would have to drain and refill the transmission several times to ensure all of the old fluid is removed. At Good’s Auto Service, we have a machine that is attached to the transmission cooler lines. A cleaning agent is added prior to service to help break down sludge and gunk that has built up in the transmission system. The machine then runs new fluid through the entire system, which pushes all of the old fluid and sludge out. An additive is added after the flush has been completed, helping to prevent sludge from forming again. Removing your transmission fluid in this manner ensures there is a more complete replacement of fluid, while lowering wear and tear on the components that carry transmission fluid. To help prolong the life of your transmission, we recommend flushing it every 30,000 miles.